PugHearts has successfully rescued: 2158 dogs since Feb 2007 and 111 dogs are currently available.
PugHearts of Houston Pug Rescue is a true 501(c)(3) non-profit charity founded in the Houston area by dedicated pug owners and lovers.  Our mission is the rescue, rehabilitation and permanent placement of needy pugs into loving homes.
We want to thank each and every one of you who came out to support us at Pugs on the Bayou. Your ticket purchases, Silent Auction donations and bids, sponsorship, and word of mouth is crucial to helping us continue our mission to save any pug, any condition, any age, at any time. We could not do it without YOU!! YOU are PugHearts!!

It was an amazing party. Through your efforts we were able to raise $49,300.02 to help save pugs. Every single dime raised by PugHearts goes directly to the care of the foster pugs in our care. No one in our organization takes a salary, we are a true non profit, all volunteer organization.

Pugs on the Bayou is our big fundraising event of each year. About 500 of our furry and human friends joined us this year for the dinner included with ticket purchase, silent auction, DJ, PugHearts Marketplace, Pug Costume Contest, Kissing booth and the crowing of our King and Queen of Pugs on the Bayou. If you weren't able to attend this year, we really hope that you will make plans to join us October 21st, 2017!
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2015 Rescue Status update

Where are we right now?
  • 125 current foster pugs in our care
  •  PugHearts took in 303 pugs in 2015
  •  We adopted out 230 pugs in 2015
  •  We had 37 foster pugs cross the Rainbow Bridge
  •  The vet bill for 2015 was $239,459.00. That is nearly $20,000 per MONTH to operate PugHearts.
  •  2 pugs boarding at the vet, waiting for a foster family
  •  About 80 foster families actively caring for a pug (or pugs) in their homes.
  •  A vet bill of just under $11,000 (as of today 1/15/2016)
  •  Pug's on the Bayou 2015 raised $55,000
  •  Shelters and pounds calling almost every day to ask us to take in a pug. This NEVER changes.
Dates to mark for 2016
  • Dog Show is July 20-24
  • Pugs on the Bayou 2016 is October 22nd
We named a volunteer of the year at Pugs on the Bayou. Barbara Tripp was selected. Sometimes, I think Barbara spends more time at the vet than I do and that is a challenge. Barbara has become the official PugHearts Nanny and cares for the Moms and puppies that we seemed to have quite a few of this year.

We appreciate all of our volunteers. It really does take an army for this to all be successful. The numbers are better. We are pleased to have had several adoptions recently. We will always take in pugs that are sick, hurt, tired and ready to give up. We give all that we can to adopt out pugs that are (fairly) healthy, happy and ready to be loved and adored by a family. This is the real joy in rescue. It is not always easy to remember, but well worth the moments we get to look at the results.

Your support is the driving factor in our success.
  • By fostering (even short term), you give a pug time and love to grow, heal and learn.
  • By transporting, you allow us to get them to safety and medical care.
  • By donating, you allow us the funds we must have to continue medical care and treatment.
  • By adopting, you provide a forever home to one that is ready and make room for the next one that needs us.
Please know that there are highs and lows in rescue. There is life and death; happiness and sadness. This is normal and it is OK. We keep smiling for the wins and crying for the losses...we are human. We work for the pugs. They are the reason that we move forward after the losses and celebrate the wins for the pugs that find their miracles. We love that so many of you join us in this journey.

You keep us going and believing in people. Without your help, donation and support we could not do what we do.

Thank you.

EdwardPH ID: #5055
Edward is an 8 yr old fawn male. He is heartworm negative and is scheduled for his neuter and dental.

Edward has bad knees, but is otherwise healthy.

PugHearts of Houston has maintained a Group page on Facebook for the past several years. We encourage past adopters, potential adopters, fosters and all Pug lovers to join us! We love to post and share photos, heartwarming stories and advice on Pugs.

We have always required that potential FB PugHearts Group members submit a request to join our group in an effort to control SPAM and unauthorized posts. Group posts were visible to the public, but only approved group members could post comments or photos.

However, facebook has recently made some changes to their terms of service which made the PugHearts Group an “open” group, allowing anyone to post on our FB page. This resulted in some unfortunate posts which upset many people. It also allows for unauthorized use of images from our Group and opens our members to breaches of their privacy. We have now changed the status of our group back to “Closed” which once again requires any new members to submit a request to join before they can post.

This change does not affect any existing facebook group members in any way.

Cruelty is 24/7/365 - Please HELP!

However, with these new changes our FB Group is now only visible to existing members. None of our posts or images are available to be viewed by anyone not a current member of our Group. This ensures the safety of our members as well as the protection of our content.

To become a member of our FB Group , simply go to our FB Group page and request to join. Our Administrators will take a quick peek at your profile to ensure you are a genuine pug-loving person (and not a SPAM bot) and with one click they will add you as a member. If your FB profile is brand new or you have a very blank profile, they may ask you for additional information to verify you are a genuine requestor. Once you are added you can post and read to your heart’s content. Just remember to play nice and refrain from abusive posts. We want to encourage and educate Pug lovers by making this a welcoming and nurturing environment.

So come on over to our FB Group page and see what’s happening with your fellow Pug lovers!

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