PugHearts has successfully rescued: 1614 dogs since Feb 2007 and 114 dogs are currently available.
PugHearts of Houston Pug Rescue is a true 501(c)(3) non-profit charity founded in the Houston area by dedicated pug owners and lovers.  Our mission is the rescue, rehabilitation and permanent placement of needy pugs into loving homes.
Pugs on the Bayou 2014 was our most successful annual event to date. We had about 500 people attend the event and raised an amazing $50,000. These funds will allow us to continue to accept, care for and prepare for adoption the 120+ pugs in our care.

The 2014 yearbook contained 243 alumni adopted between September 2013 and September 2014. The numbers in need just keep climbing. Our vet bill this year is on track to top $250,000. Your support and donations are what allow us to accept the sickest, most injured and worst cases without having to worry about if we should or if we can afford to. For that we all thank you.

Stay tuned 2015 looks to be even more exciting than 2014.

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HOW TO SAVE A LIFE - 2007 - 2012

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LaylaPH ID: #4383
Layla is an owner surrender. This girl is active, happy and has a bubbly personality. She is about 5 yrs old and has a history of seizures. Heartworm positive.

From Layla's foster: Layla is a total sweetheart. She loves every person that she meets, and will cuddle with anyone who will let her. She is great with children. She sometimes takes a little time to get used to other dogs, and will try to be the alpha, but a quick correction from me usually works now. At other times she doesn’t seem to notice them at all. She does like to cuddle up with the other dogs here for a nap. Layla does have a seizure disorder, but she has been doing well with an increase in her medication dosage for several weeks now. She needs to take her medication twice daily, but she takes it without question in a little peanut butter. She is mild heartworm positive. She also seems to have some vision problems at times, and she requires eye drops once a day for dry eye.

Layla is spunky and full of energy, but also loves taking naps. She stays close to me and follows me everywhere I go. She is also a snuggle bug, and likes to be held like a baby. Layla hates the grass especially when it is wet. She will go in the grass when she is ready. She just doesn’t go very often. She still has an occasional accident in the house, but she has greatly improved. She likes to ‘sun’ on the patio if she gets a chance. Layla likes plush squeaky toys and is easily entertained by them. Mealtimes are her favorite part of the day, and she gets very excited about them. She has learned and is working on basic commands and her manners. She was sleeping in her crate while we worked on her potty training, but has ‘graduated’ to sleeping with me. She sleeps through the night and doesn’t wake me up to go out. I usually have to wake her up for that. Layla has grabbed hold of every one of my friends’ hearts who has met her since I have had her with me, (and mine, too.) She is sure to grab your heart as well.

PugHearts of Houston has maintained a Group page on Facebook for the past several years. We encourage past adopters, potential adopters, fosters and all Pug lovers to join us! We love to post and share photos, heartwarming stories and advice on Pugs.

We have always required that potential FB PugHearts Group members submit a request to join our group in an effort to control SPAM and unauthorized posts. Group posts were visible to the public, but only approved group members could post comments or photos.

However, facebook has recently made some changes to their terms of service which made the PugHearts Group an “open” group, allowing anyone to post on our FB page. This resulted in some unfortunate posts which upset many people. It also allows for unauthorized use of images from our Group and opens our members to breaches of their privacy. We have now changed the status of our group back to “Closed” which once again requires any new members to submit a request to join before they can post.

This change does not affect any existing facebook group members in any way.

Cruelty is 24/7/365 - Please HELP!

However, with these new changes our FB Group is now only visible to existing members. None of our posts or images are available to be viewed by anyone not a current member of our Group. This ensures the safety of our members as well as the protection of our content.

To become a member of our FB Group , simply go to our FB Group page and request to join. Our Administrators will take a quick peek at your profile to ensure you are a genuine pug-loving person (and not a SPAM bot) and with one click they will add you as a member. If your FB profile is brand new or you have a very blank profile, they may ask you for additional information to verify you are a genuine requestor. Once you are added you can post and read to your heart’s content. Just remember to play nice and refrain from abusive posts. We want to encourage and educate Pug lovers by making this a welcoming and nurturing environment.

So come on over to our FB Group page and see what’s happening with your fellow Pug lovers!

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